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Popping the China question

by Andy Xie

Financial markets are worried about a hard landing in China. Should they be? more...

The China 100

by Business Asia

It got a lot harder to make the China 100 this year. With the economy growing at more than 9 per cent and some auto, steel and telecom companies reporting revenue growth in excess of 30 per cent, it's not surprising that the bar is getting higher. more...

The magic flutes

by Zhang Juzhong

Long ago in Jiahu village, an acclaimed musician passed away at the mature age of thirty-five. People who had appreciated his music flocked to the funeral ceremony. The musician's body was dressed in his finest clothing, and a turtle shell was tied to his right shoulder. more...

Young Beijing

by Jonathan Napack

Beijing is on the more. Venues for contemporary art are multiplying exponentially. Official attitudes have relaxed dramatically, with the government often lending support to exhibitions in the form of its imprimatur and, increasingly, its cash. more...

China's Hakka houses

by Dorothy Aksamit

My favorite trips always begin with a library book and end in a village. This journey began with "China's traditional Rural Architecture" by Ronald Knapp. more...

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