Stop the Leaks and Reframe - Or, maybe you?re depressed with your body size, shape or overall health.

Six Bad Habits - Your bad habits limit your success in life.

Edgar Cayce and Future Prophecies - Edgar Cayce is well known as the biggest psychic of the twentieth century and has even been featured on TV programs with the likes of Nostradamus and such - The Other Nostradamus on the History channel.

Creating Your Future Heals Your Past - An innovative and highly effective process to achieve complete and more total healing is direct, focused, and combines healing the past while creating the future.

Maintaining a Home Practice - "What's a home practice?.

Chair Yoga Case Study A Path to Inner Peace - After teaching chair yoga for several years Liz Franklin can testify that it appropriate for almost anyone, even if they are feeling the effects of aging or have physical limitations.

Has Your Will Been Hijacked By Subliminal Conditioning - The "Will" lives in your consciousness as the central apparatus that carries out each decision you make.

FirstRate Cheap Date Ideas - These cheap date ideas are by no means second-rate.

Taking the STEP Prayer Study in Context - Forty percent of American scientists believe in a personal God, one who listens to their individual prayers and answers them favorably, according to a 1997 survey conducted by E.

Learn to Be SelfConfident - Many of us are not satisfied with ourselves, with some particular features of our character or the results of our own deeds.

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