Capitalism Rocks and Socialism Crushes Film at PM

How can we explain to the American People that socialism is dangerous and leads to collapses in Civilization, less choice, less opportunity and utter chaos as it declines? How can we show the rest of the world by leading by example that Communism pushes people down and capitalism pushes people up.Today, The United States of America is by far the greatest nation in the World, as it by far the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind. Obviously capitalism works and look what it has done for our nation in 200 years? Just look at our middle-class, lifestyle and quality of life you see? But how can everyone else in the World not see this? We need another way to show them, because they seem to be missing the point. Perhaps we to use entertainment to show them the light; maybe a movie or something?.You see we need to show the liberals, independents, socialists that they are indeed not always the solution, but rather often are the cause of all their problems; for instance over lawyering, lawsuits and the over regulation of the Blob of Bureaucracy. You see as businessman; I am an entrepreneurial character, who has been fighting the barriers put up by linear thinking humans and socialist thinking folks.

What I see is both sides of the issue and a world fighting over the means, yet all wanting the same end goal.We need to find a way to show people the real underlining problems of it all. Show them how the very laws and rules they promote have unintended consequences and cause all the same problems we all complain about.

We must enlighten the masses into not going down the slippery slope of socialism, because at the end is nothing by brackish sewer water. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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