Do Not Be So Quick to Bad Mouth China

Many blame China for lost jobs and cheap imports. Yet in the United States we have very low-unemployment and China is moving up to point in the future when it will be developing its own middle class, think of what that means for World Trade and emerging nations at that point?.Whereas many higher paying manufacturing jobs have been lost in America, such as in Auto Making, these jobs have very little to do with China, as China really does not make that many cars yet. Robotics are more to blame and over regulation, mounting health care costs, under funded pensions and over zealous unions. China is a great emerging super power, but it will still be a while yet. Recently this subject was debated online and let's look at the responses;.

Buck states; "Yeah isn't China a wonderful nation. Look at all the freedom that Communist nation gives to its citizens: people that speak out against the government get thrown into prison".Oh you mean like they do in Iran now with this new regime?.Buck states; "they harvest organs from executed prisoners".

Smart idea, why waste body parts?.Buck states; "one child policy".This has become more of a social norm than a law there; it ought to be enforced in Africa however?.Buck states; "public executions".

So? Does it cut down on crime? Yes.Buck states; "total control over the internet and the media".This will change soon; things are changing.Buck states; "the military generals routinely threaten to nuke the U.S. with the technology we sold to them.

".This occurred once publicly and he was reprimanded and you know it. It became a very big deal and the State Dept.

jumped on it. The comment was if the USA defended Taiwan against re-unification militarily and "fired on the mainland then China would use nuclear retaliation".That comment was nixed, General reprimanded and demoted one rank and issue settled and you know it too; Mr.


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By: Lance Winslow

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