Do You Need Bad Breath Cures

I can't think of anything more repulsive than talking in close quarters with someone who has the breath of a dog'. Well actually, that's not quite true. Have you ever been on a fresh date and found yourself spontaneously and passionately delving into a good night frenchie with your new love? Nothing wrong with a good night kiss under normal circumstances, but I was found myself in an unfortunate situation once where my new date, Belinda, had a mouth that reeked like a dead rat's guts.It was not only disturbing but frigging awkward too. I mean how do you stop kissing abruptly and make it look natural. I wanted to throw up so quickly that I faked a sneezing fit which excused the embrace and also masked my expression of disgust.

She certainly needed to experiment with the bad breath cures available but I wasn't going to be the one to bring up such a sensitive subject. I thought I'd leave that to a future sweetheart, but as for me, well, I was out of there for good.Why is it then that some folks have stinking bad breath despite having a rigorous oral hygiene regime and a perfect mouthful of teeth? My brother is one of these unfortunates and has literally spent years looking for bad breath cures and remedies. It's sad to watch as people approach him and then cringe with revulsion as he speaks.

If you're married or have a live-in partner, you've surely caught a whiff of your spouse's morning yawn. It's no wonder the good night kiss is more common than the good morning peck. Oh well, at least there are bad breath cures and various bad breath treatment products around these days.

With a little guidance from your local dentist and maybe a trip to the pharmacist, you can prevent that retched air from ruining your first impressions.In my brother's case it can only be controlled not cured, but he'll settle for that. It actually got to be such an issue between him and his wife, Rebecca, that she told him to either find some bad breath cures to try or she's off! Bit drastic, I thought, but it was obviously getting to her big time!.Anyway, here are a few basic known cures for bad breath. It all starts with good oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and according to dentists, you should spend a minimum of 2 minutes on your pearly whites each session.

Another thing, and maybe not such common knowledge, is that you should scrub that tongue too, as it's the tongue where all the little bacteria reside as they cling to your taste buds. Tongue scrubbing is a great cure for bad breath but don't thrust that toothbrush too far back or you'll find yourself reaching from the pit of your stomach.Flossing is grossly overlooked by many but once again, it's highly recommended by dentists. It's between the teeth and gums where plaque and tarter build-up and this can lead to gingivitis and the dreaded death breath if gone untreated. For best results flossing should be done on a daily basis, preferably last thing at night.

Finally, there's the trusted mouth wash, but this is one of the temporary bad breath cures and should be used in addition to and not instead of the treatments mentioned above. Aside from good oral cleaning, there are a number of other bad breath cures to try, and if you're anything like my brother, I'd advise you seek the help of a professional. Gee, I hope you're reading this Belinda.


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By: Aleck Mann

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