Gain More Control In Life The Fast And Simple Way

In a recent CNN article the average large company CEO earned $42,000 in one day. The average worker earned $41, 861 in one year. Therefore the average worker made less in one year, than what the average CEO made in one day. A CEO makes 262 times more than the average worker. Sorry, this is something that is very difficult for any individual to control.1.

Understand what you can or cannot control in life.There is plenty you cannot control. You cannot control the global economy, taxes, the media, office politics, downsizing, the countries deficit, war, gas prices and CEO pay, to name a few. You can complain, moan, stress over or rant about all of these, or you can concentrate on what you can control.2. What can you control in your life? .

You can control your attitude. You can control your spending habits. I can control whether the morning will be stressful or happy. You can control your focus on the job. You can control your own golf swing. You can control your weight.

You can control your imagination and conscience. You can even control pressure at times by learning to thrive on it.3. How do you constantly improve your life?.Very simply, understand what you really have control over in life and evaluate yourself on how well you are doing in these areas. Are you truly focusing on the key areas of your job? Are you eating healthy? Are you constantly using credit? Are you starting the morning with a good attitude? Are you going after your dreams? Take the time to create a checklist and honestly assess your performance in these areas.

Maybe it is time to pursue your dreams, because no one is going to do it for you. You do have control over whether or not you pursue your dreams. Is it time?.In summary.1.

Understand what factors you cannot control and stop worrying about them.2. Understand what you can control and start focusing.3.

Assess your performance on the areas in your life you can control. Improve on them. .

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By: Terry Vermeylen

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