Got the Commandments that work

The Courthouse Ten Commandments.1. You shall give yourself permission to say ? "No!" when your plate is full, and never feel embarrassed about being independent.2. You give yourself permission at times to be ordinary and boring, funny-looking and nerdy, even sloppy and stupid in some of your conclusions.

3. You give yourself permission not to feel guilty or ashamed for occasionally being lazy and negative. It is human to get burned out and depressed, as long as you return to battle again.4.

You swear to give yourself permission to always act like your own best-friend no matter your failures, rejections and mistakes in life.5. You give yourself permission to be a contrarian, oppose your culture, and even be a jerk at times. You have the duty to put your money where your mouth is ? as long as you are real ? authentic and genuine.

6. You give yourself permission to change your mind when circumstances or times change, or you learn something radically-new that makes you passionate in a new direction.7. You give yourself permission to continue to work daily because it is more pleasurable than golf or traveling ? after you pass 65, and your friends and relatives call you a fruitcake.8. You give yourself permission to live your life as an authentic nerd, and know you will make inelegant errors and take abuse.

Conformity sucks.9. You give yourself permission to be pig-headed, persistent and determined about your deepest beliefs and values.

Take the heat and move on.10. You give yourself permission to take great risks even in your senior years, because without great-risks, there are no great-successes.You will bet-the-ranch on what you believe and continue to learn ? until you cash in your final-chips ? because it is fun and make relatives and associates nauseous.

N.B. You will always choose to be a Majority-of-One; life is not popularity.contest.In times of disaster and moments of weakness, you will remember.

these two remarks by Al Einstein:.1. There are two-ways to choose to live your life.The first is as if nothing is a miracle!.

The other is as if everything is a miracle!.2. Not everything that counts can be counted!.And not everything that can be counted ? counts!.See ya,.copyright 2006 H.

Bernard Wechsler.www.speedlearning.

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By: H. Bernard Wechsler

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