How to be Sizzle Dazzle Women with Powerful Posture Presentation Dating Advice for Men

James Bond is not just another guy who gets his way across with the most beautiful women in the world, with just "Dry Martini, shaken and not stirred". There are a few important lessons which Sean Connery and later Pierce Brosnan have taught us. Exuding supreme self-confidence and style in every step, form part of their overall bearing and behavior. Like Bond, you can also take the following tips, to make your presence "felt" as a man that spells charisma and exudes "control".1. Say Cheese, often!
Laughing only during a joke session or a funny movie is not what a woman looks for in you.

Look yourself in the mirror and try to put on your best smile and see how that simple act changes the way people treat you. A genuine smile brings about a sense of comfort, all-is-well-with-me kind of feeling on your face and ensures that there is something deep down inside which makes you happy. This sheer realization rubs off on your date and she obviously would love to spend more time with a happy and secure man!.2. Give pauses when you speak
Never speak in such a hurry as if you have to catch a flight the next minute. Intersperse your sentences with adequate uhms and ahs.

Give reasonable pauses in between ? you will not appear foolish, rather intelligent and thoughtful, as if you mark and mean every word you say. Take a breather, before any word or point, where you wish to lay stress on. More than the content of your soliloquy, the style sometimes carry more weight.3.

A clumsy walk is extremely disgusting
Your personality takes a new meaning by the way you carry yourself physically. The gait, the strides all make up your overall deportment. Walking with your body slumping forward, shifty eyes when you talk make you look lazy, insecure, nervous and too laid back. Remember the army command, stomach in, chest out, chin up. Of course I don't want to make you look like a stiff dummy toy soldier, by when you walk with your spine erect and chin up, quickly and with definitive steps, stand or sit down without leaning too much forward - it all boils down to making you look confident and smart.

A man who knows where is he is going.4. Make up your mind what to do with your hands
What you do with your hands and body movements are important signals which you give out to the world. Do not move in jerky, shaky movements.

Loosen your limbs and try to move in circular motions. Learn to relax as you move your hands and body, as if you were painting or acting out a poem. Surely do not pose as a dancer, but be as fluid and relaxed as is possible, without appearing effeminate.5. Stand tall, stand erect
Most men do not look very confident and sure of themselves when they are merely standing. Fiddling with their mobiles, fidgeting with their nails, crossing their arms all throw up images of a nervous, indecisive and closed personality.

Find out your own style, that you are most comfortable with yet appears charming. Amazing yet true, the men who pose on front covers of fashion magazines, do speak of an extremely confident and macho persona. Why not take a few lessons from these photographs? It is crucial to look calm, collected and in control, even when you are standing.This article may be re-published with appropriate attribution to the author including name and website Copyright.

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By: Joshua Goh

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