In Praise of Getting Up Early

Randy and George have been friends since high school. Both men live in Minneapolis, Minnesota where they work as LEGO? engineers. Randy is a successful LEGO? engineer. George is not.

George does not know why he is less successful than his friend. Randy is not any smarter, does not work any harder. George is confused, and just cannot figure it out.George is looking in the wrong places. The secret to Randy's success is not a secret at all.

In order to help George learn why he is not successful, and what he can change, let's take a look at the two men's schedules:

The Night Before
Randy and George met some friends at the pub. Randy had one drink, then left. George stayed and had another drink.

The Next Morning
Randy got up promptly at 6:30, as he does every morning, giving him plenty of time to prepare for the day. He can eat a nutritious breakfast, leisurely read the paper, and keep his goatee in immaculate condition.

George set his alarm for 8:00, but was hung over from the night before, and overslept by two hours. He does not have time to eat a proper breakfast, and has to grab a pop- tart instead. George feels rushed.

His once trimmed beard has now grown into a nest of curly whiskers.

At work
Randy arrives at the LEGO? company refreshed. He is ready to work and begins designing new LEGO? products as soon as he sits down. George arrives in a daze.

He is not ready to work. He must first eat that pop- tart, and drink coffee to wake up. He ran two blocks for the bus and feels sweaty.

After work
Randy finishes his project and can go home early. George is behind and must put in over time to catch up. After everyone left, and George is alone, he has time to think. He realizes he has been mistaken; Randy does work harder.

At home, that night, George makes a comittment to himself. He declined meeting his friends at the pub and went to bed early.

The next morning, he awoke a new man.

.Cameron Elliott, a sleep specialist, is an internet manager for where he champions the benefits of a good night's sleep both for individual health and also for a more safe and efficient world.

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By: Cameron George Elliott

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