Iran Needs Nuclear Weapons As A Deterrent

Iran says they really need nuclear weapons as a deterrent since other nations in the region also have nuclear weapons. Indeed this is a most interesting comment from Iran and their perspective, but I am not going for it are you?.I understand Iran's position in wanting a nuclear deterrent. But as long as they send insurgents into Iraq to destabilize a new democracy and fund Hamas and state their number one goal to blow Israel off the map, well then perhaps I do not care what Iran's head leader says he wants. India has been a very responsible country.

Sure people need two perspectives or even more that makes sense. Now then Iran needs a second perspective besides telling us they want to nuke Israel. Hamas needs a new perspective other than refusing to allow Israel the right to exist. Hamas needs to stop bombing and killing, they need the new perspective.If we could all get to talking this way, rather than the hate, wouldn't that be the best for all concerned in the present period.

And until then shouldn't the USA continue to negotiate from a position of strength until trust can be established and the hate speech stopped? Does the World really want the Iranians to have a nuclear weapon? Can we afford to allow that to happen?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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