Mosquitoes in New Orleans What Next

As New Orleans decided its Political Future with its re-election of Ray Negen the Mayor and the recent issues with a Democratic Congress Member being raided for corruption, one has to wonder; So, how is the clean up going there anyway? Well funny you should ask, as a lot of debris tonnage has been moved out of there in similar efforts to the New York Trade Towers after 911. But that is just the start as the real cleanup begins and Hurricane Season starts.You see all the free-standing water and polluted ground water is causing an issue you see? Now the Mosquitoes, are claiming much of that polluted and disease ridden water as their new breeding domains.

Thousands of swimming pools have algae and debris so thick it has made layers of muck perfect for laying Mosquito Larva and now what? Well it is a big issue as one online think tank member states;."Water can be standing on old tires, in shoes--why a teacup could be a breeding ground. Plus, if there is a hurricane it will just pick up all these items lying about and will toss the water and insect larvae everywhere.

It really is a logistical nightmare that has no good, quick solution, since the season is upon us. I keep thinking they need to just abandon the location and move the city to higher ground and be done with it. Nostalgia is great, but not when the cleanup is going to bankrupt the coffers over and over again. It makes no sense to me.".Indeed and unfortunately here comes Hurricane Season again with our first Hurricane Alberto on its way; just one more illegal alien, that no one wants crossing over our borders or arriving on our Coastlines; especially The Historic Town of New Orleans.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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