North Korea Long Range Missile Testing and USA Threat

North Korea has now publicly stated that it has a long-range missile that is capable of reaching the United States of America and it will test wire this missile just to prove it. Indeed I have a question, where it will they fire such missile to prove it can go that Long of the distance across the Pacific Ocean.I would think that they would try to a bit at the United States of America or one of our Northern or southern allies. It seems rather unfortunate that North Korea wishes to threaten the United States of America especially considering we know that North Korea now has nuclear warheads and atomic weapons.If North Korea is to put a nuclear warheads on top of such a missile that could reach let's say Seattle, Los Angeles or San Francisco then folks we have a serious problem.

In fact within the next ten years who is to say that they won't have a very accurate stealth missile with a nuclear warhead on it and we may not know it is even coming in and perhaps we will have a problem shooting it down. Are you scared yet?.Well, yes or no. If not you should consider the ramifications of a nuclear weapon going off into cities such as San Diego, orange County CA, Portland OR, San Jose CA or Tacoma Washington.

Can the United States of America allow North Korea to have long-range nuclear warhead weapons? You decide. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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