Official Hurricane Season Less Than Weeks Away

The 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season is less than four weeks away and we can probably expect some early tropical storms, tropical depressions and perhaps an early hurricane prior to the official starting of the season. If you'll recall during the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season there were two named stores prior to the official starting of hurricane season by two weeks.Judging from the ocean surface temperatures and the temperatures in the Caribbean, which are well over 90 degrees it would make sense that when the atmospheric energy crossing the Atlantic Ocean will circulate as it hits the warm water of the Caribbean. Thus this energy could form into a tropical depressions, which would form into tropical storms and could easily bring us our first hurricane prior to the official start of the hurricane season. We should expect this and not let our guard down.FEMA should be ready to act if necessary as often hurricane season will start early.

Just as the Tornadoes in the Midwest will be winding down a little not totally, we will see a shift into Hurricane Season and it will start very soon. Luckily we're told that the United States government is ready to meet the challenge.The hurricane hunters, the national hurricane center in Miami, the NOAA and NASA are all ready to gather and feed data into the supercomputers so that we will help everybody with proper warning to protect our citizens. Ready or not here she comes; the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season.

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