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Although online personals might seem like an ideal meeting ground to connect with singles, it is advisable to take things slow when taking an online relationship to the next level.The natural progression of meeting someone through online gay personals is a blind date. It is prudent to ask as many detailed questions about the individual as possible before setting up a date. Sometimes, the person on the other end of the PC may not be who he claims to be. If you see any warning signs like inconsistencies or just a bad gut feel, drop him instantly.

Speak on the telephone prior to a first date. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they converse. If you get a bad feeling after the dialogue or realize that you may not be a good match after all, there is time to back out.

And, for your own safety, never disclose any personal information that a stranger could use to take advantage of you; this includes your address, place of work, or other sensitive information that could help him to track you down.Picking a mutually comfortable meeting place alleviates tension and gives you both the option of leaving a date midway. Always meet in a place where you can have a conversation, but with a lot of people around, perhaps at a popular restaurant or pub.In most cases, things would go well from a safety perspective.

However, there are a lot of psychopaths out there. To safeguard yourself against potential harm, leave a trail of where you're meeting him, and any changes in location thereafter, with a close friend. This may seem taxing, but ensures your safety.


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By: Eric Morris

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