Personal Growth A Central Question to Simplify your Life

How many times do you find yourself wasting time? I have that experience. You look around and you think "what the hell I am doing here? I could be doing something good. I could be doing something more productive". But you continue hanging around and wasting your time with your gang.If we've met before you may know my mission is to make your life simple, fun & efficient. In order to do this sometimes I have to tell you things you don't want to hear.

Today could be one of those days.You are not willing to allow a stranger to tell you what you can do or not?.You are right. I am not here to tell you what you have to do. I have my own mistakes to take care from.

You'll read this article. You will get some knowledge from it. You could agree or disagree. Doesn't matter. Thus, you are going to win the opportunity to choose what could you do with this new knowledge.Self- improvement is not an event.

Self-improvement is a process. Personal growth does not happen at one. Most of the times you must receive several impacts from the same information to recognise it can be useful to your.

A central question could change your life forever. If you give an honest answer to this question you have the power to simplify your life once and for all.Who are you hanging around with?.The quality of your relationships is the quality of your life.You could start asking yourself where your problems come from. You also could ask yourself where your solutions come from.

You know it can be painful, but putting your friends in a precision balance, are you winning or losing? May be you believe doesn't matter the result because friends stand whatever it'll take.I only can talk to you about relationships and friendships for a while. You are the one who must decide who you are hanging around with.Just take in account you only have one life.

If you waste it, there is no way to recover it.Take care of your friends. Give to them not expecting return. But be honest with yourself to use the word "friend" properly.Best wishes.

Fernando Manzano.

Fernando Manzano ( http://www.growandwin.

com ) is committed to improve your life and your personal growth. Fernando is teaching to hundreds how to take control over life and get financial freedom. Now you can learn from the master.

Author of several articles about personal growth and how to make your life simple, fun & efficient and the book "What you should know going into a Coaching Process", coming soon. He will put you on ACTION.

By: Fernando Manzano

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