Railroad Ties and Spikes Need a ReWrite and ReDesign

We all know what a railroad tie looks like and those little spikes they use too. But you know that technology is really old and it maybe something we need to change as trains get heavier and larger and increase in speed.Actually that does make a lot of sense and as I have talked to railway workers, often they discuss the derailment issues during times of adverse weather as the ground moves around, liquefaction [on a small level] and just normal settling. Indeed as Amtrak [fast mover] had issues with the rails cracking.

It seems that issues with the speed of trains can be overcome by a better clamping system.Historically it is amazing we are even using the same system that we have been all along. It is not such a good system. But a complete overhaul is nearly impossible considering the usage as some major rail lines have 80 trains per day with some 100 cars per train.Many people say if trucks stopped, America starves in a week with rioting in the streets, well indeed with all the piggy backing going on, one could say that about the railways too, we cannot just shut them down for repairs and thus a better clamping system makes the ultimate sense, and now that I re-consider this issue.

Recently in an online think tank one think tanker admitted to designing an "H-clamp system" and I think I favor that clamp idea over mine which was an "X-clamp" concept, however if you had both ever 10-yards the other you could solve the lateral issues and the wave issues with the trains getting heavier and heavier and such.Sometimes it becomes time to redesign something, which is working fine, as it makes sense because the only real constant keeps rolling along; change. I hope you will consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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