Safe Sex

Talk about sex. Talk about birth control and testing. It's uncomfortable at first, but if you're not mature enough to talk a bout something that could change your life, keep it in your pants (or under your skirt.) And use two forms of contraception if available. One is great, you win the prize, but if you have a condom and she has spermicidal gel, well hey, it was meant to be-use both.

Sex is only good for everyone when it is consensual. If you are loaded, it's not consensual, if you are a little tipsy, that's another matter, but take into consideration how much she's had to drink before you ask her, and how much you've had can inhibit Mr. Happy so much that he won't even come out. If she says no and you keep at her until you wear her down, how much fun is that going to be, really? You'll regret it, so take the first no for an answer and move on from there.

Same goes for drugs. The use of date rape drugs or "rufies" has gone down considerably in the last few years, but it's still out there. Passed out is not consenting.Women going out for the evening should travel in packs, there is safety in numbers.

I'm not so rigid that I think if you came together that you should necessarily leave together, but do each other the courtesy of making sure no one is left to fend for themselves or go home alone-I mean leave the club alone. Ladies, make sure that you have each other's cell phone numbers if you can.Are you aware of the EC or emergency contraception pill? You can take it within 72 hours after intercourse and it will prevent pregnancy.

It is for emergencies only though, like if the condom breaks or you wake up the next morning and realize you forgot to take your pill.And hey, there's always abstinence for preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. No? How about oral sex instead? You can be safe and use a dental dam or a condom if you'd like, but oral sex is the safest kind of contact sex you can have.

Make sure both you don't have cuts or open sores on or in your mouths, (for instance, don't give anyone head if you've just gotten out of the dentist.).Sexual health should be a priority, so get checked often and make sure your partner (s) do the same.

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