Self Help Psychologists Making American Men Weak

Many other psychologists seem to be trying to change the males of the human species and trying to alleviate natural aggression, which is part of their human characteristics and in doing so unfortunately they are making men weak. As a business owner, sports star and having dabbled in politics I can tell you that there are too many weak men in the American society. Many are mama's boys and afraid. They are afraid to take initiative, accept responsibility, fight for what is right, go the distance and they make lousy men.Psychologists and psychoanalysts talk too much about childhood and emotional pain, which are a part of life.

Men need to grow up and deal with it, press on and have the dedication, commitment and perseverance to keep ongoing. It is not OK just to show up and to be part of the team. You must play to win and give it 110 percent.Real men are not weak men and real men give over 100 percent.

You must press beyond your abilities and you must not be weak. Self help psychologists confuse men into believing they can or should control every single little on motion that comes along.However, the brain makes chemicals in certain amounts and it does so for a reason, real men should except this and channel that energy to over come obstacles in their life rather than acting like a bunch of pusses trying to find some emotional trigger to subdue. Psychologists and self-help consultants are making men weak and that is bad for our nation. Please consider this and 2006.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source:

By: Lance Winslow

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