Should I Get Someones Phone Number For A Possible Date

Maybe yes, maybe no. That depends on if you're interested in going on a date with that person. You may not be sure at the time you meet the person whether or not you want to go on a date. If this is the case, you may want to consider taking their phone number for future reference. However, if you don't think you would be interested, then don't take their number! Some of these tips may help you decide whether or not you should take someone's phone number:.1) You want to call the person so you can talk with them and consider going on a date.

2) If you're not sure about whether or not you want to call the person, take their phone number if you're not totally sure! This may be your only opportunity.3) Consider giving the person your telephone number. You may have the option of providing your home, cell phone or work number to the person you may consider dating. This may make the other person more comfortable and less pressured that they are not being asked to give out their phone number to you. By giving them your telephone number, the person has an option of whether or not they want to contact you.

4) After deciding to get a person's telephone number, remember men and women are different when it comes to calling each other. Men may want a longer period of time to call a woman than the woman may expect it to take. Women may expect that when a man receives their telephone number they should call them soon after meeting them. It's okay for the woman to call the man after initially meeting him instead of waiting for him to do so!.5) Make sure if you're not interested in the person, don't give out your telephone number, you may regret it later! Just say no, in a polite way if you're not interested in the person. That's okay! That gives that person and you the opportunity to move on to someone else they may be interested in.

Getting a person's telephone number may or may not be easy. It just depends on whether or not you or that person may be interested in each other. It is important to remember that collecting a telephone number of no substance is totally different that obtaining a telephone number from someone special that you may be able to have a future connection with. So make sure when you get their phone number, you really want it, and the person giving it to you wants you to have it!.


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