The Power of Your Words

The power to change your world lies in your words. Simple statement; big truth! A lot is being said about thinking. However, it's your spoken words that get the desired results.Words are physical "containers" of spiritual thoughts. God spoke the world into existence.

The thought was there first; but He spoke it in order to allow the physical reality to take form.It's important to have your words line up with your thoughts ? IF the thoughts are right! For instance, when you feel a cold coming on, how do you answer those who greet you? Are the words out of your mouth: "Oh, I'm not feeling so well today; got a cold coming on." That's a very simple, truthful answer. But, the Bible directs us that we Have what we Say! In other words, if we Say and Believe in our hearts that what we say is coming to pass, than we will Have what we Say!.One of the most powerful passages to that effect is Mark 11:23-24 which tells us that whosoever shall SAY unto his mountain, i.e.

any problem, disease, etc. to be removed, and does not doubt in his heart, but Believes that what he says will come true, will have whatever he says!.Now, here's the connection of words to thought. First, you have to make sure that your thought life is on the right path. Do you tend to get easily depressed and upset over things? It IS possible to turn your thoughts to happy, healing solutions.

Your thoughts and words go hand in hand. It's not necessarily the thoughts that need to be changed first. Do yourself a favor and for one week be attentive to the automatic responses flowing from your mouth. They are the expressions of what's in your heart and mind! That's where journaling can be a handy tool. Keeping a written dialogue with yourself could be very informative, especially if you review it every week or so, and you will be able to see a pattern emerging. Once you identify certain expressions, you can then acknowledge what your tendencies are and, therefore, can start to change your habits, if that's what you would like to do.

Then you will be able to start working on changing your thought life ? slowly but surely.The type of spoken answers to be on the look-out for might be: acknowledgement of media claims of avian flu, your doctor's prognosis of a possible tendency towards a disease, bad weather, etc. Yes, even the weather.

It's the most talked about subject as everyone can communicate about that. If we go around complaining every time the weather is bad, guess what? You will also feel bad ? and prolong that feeling! If we go around saying something like: "it's better than a tsunami; (blizzard, etc.) let's be thankful for the rain/snow.

Isn't it wonderful?" Pretty soon not only your own spirit will start to soar, but so will that of everyone else you greet! How about common expressions, like: "I'm dying to see you," "I'm sick of .," 'You're a pain in the butt." Well, even our judicial systems not only recognize, but penalize people who utter death threats! Most of the time, words escape out of our mouths when we're angry or upset and we sure wish we could swallow them back in. We may exclaim a hundred times that we did not mean such a type of threat, but the fact remains that it was uttered. Therefore, that word has the power to do what you sent it out to do!.Let's be thankful for all things and wish ourselves and each other well!.

.Ann is the author of "With Wings as Eagles," an inspirational and encouraging testimonial of how we can overcome terrible circumstances in our lives. Featured on the cover of the October, 2005 issue of Triumph over Trauma and a proud sponsor of the Shared Vision network, she is dedicated to help and encourage others to stand strong spiritually, emotionally and physically. Her articles also have earned her the Expert Ezine author status.

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By: Ann Stewart

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