Tornatic Cell and Severe Weather from Hell

Tornadoes rip through the Midwest and we have no way to stop them yet. We know when the conditions are close to being able to create such severe weather events like Tornadoes and that gives us the ability to warn residents of which regions could experience a deadly twister, however we still cannot predict when or where or whose mobile home [Tornado Magnet] will be picked up and tossed like a child throwing a twig.We all are fascinated by the ominous power of these storms and shocked by their devastation. For those who live in Tornado Alley or those regions of the country known for such weather certain times of the year, they know often there is no place to run or hide, except below ground. Sometimes running or trying to drive away could be a fatal mistake, as a car can be picked up like a "Hot Wheels Car" and thrown like a toy.Some are predicting continued devastating Tornatic Storm Cells throughout Tornado season this year.

And from what we've seen so far these storms are pretty unforgiving and Mother Nature has certainly showed us who is boss and who controls the surface of this planet. Expect more of the same this year the experts say. But after the Hurricanes, we all just want this severe weather to go away!.


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