Trade Winds Climate Change and Intensity of Hurricanes

Many are aware of the debate over Climate Change and Global Warming; that is to say that the atmosphere of Planet Earth is heating up and this is either being caused by a natural cycle, other circumstances and or the influence of human industrialization. No matter what side of the global warming and climate change debate that you find yourself on it has been discovered that the "Walker Circulation" has decreased over 3 1/2 percent since the mid-1800s.In case you do not know what the Walker circulation is; it years the large looping of circulating wind over the Pacific Ocean. These trade winds have been well known to human travelers and sailors since China's treasure fleet and even perhaps during the Viking age. Sailors have relied on the trade winds to sail their ships across the ocean. Did you also know that these surface ocean trade winds also in preventing hurricanes from forming and lessening their strength and forces?.

Increased heat is said to decrease the trade winds in a recent set of research papers. If this is the case, we can expect greater intensity and more Pacific Ocean Hurricanes in the future. During the 2005 Pacific hurricane season we saw many hurricanes which formed and that was uncharacteristically unique.

Can we therefore expect more of the same in 2005?.If the trade winds are also decreased in the Atlantic and the Caribbean for the same reason then that means we can expect more intense hurricanes, as long years the atmosphere continues to heat up, as it is disrupting the relative airflows along the surface of the ocean and allowing Hurricanes to form quickly from tropical depressions and tropical storms, which would normally be disrupted in their circular pattern by the trade winds.This new study and research may have to do with the recent Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season intensity and would suggest that we can expect more of the same as the decade-long normal cycles of intense hurricanes continues, as this would be a compounding effect along that cycle as well. Please consider this potential eventuality in 2006.

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