Why Do You Lose To Jerks

Stop chasing women. You're ugly yet women chase you! But how do you do that? Simply by changing your attitude.You see, jerks have an attitude that somehow attracts women.

It doesn't seem logical for that to happen yet we can't seem to put a finger on it. Though no matter how rough and arrogant a jerk is, girls find them attractive in the sense that they have some kind of confidence. That is a good first impression!.If you ask a woman what type of guy they're looking for, they'll usually want someone who's honest, faithful, ambitious etc.

However their minds work differently from their actions!.You can see how even though a woman may say she wants a nice guy, that's not totally true who she is actually attracted to. A good example to show is food.Do you make your choices based on what's good for you? Does your food contain all the good nutrition that your body needs? Nope. You want hamburgers, ice-creams, sausages. And you know darn well that those are the stuff that will make you unhealthy! Yet you eat them.

Girls are attracted to the confident jerk and then leave them when they find out the jerk inside the jerk. But nice guys don't even have the chance because their first impressions are not attractive enough. Eating those 'tasty' food is very much a eat-and-regret-later deal.So then, how do you cater towards attracting women yet maintaining the nice guy inside you?.


Here is your guide to to get women to start chasing you!.About the Author The Player's Guide is for those who are sick and tired of chasing women. Straight clearcut guide to get women to chase you instead! David Chong explains how one can do that simply by changing and having the right attitude.


By: David Chong

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